FFX/X-2 HD Details

Here is a list a confirmed details about Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD Remaster...
  •  Remastered Musical Score. SE has created a realistic orchestral score versus the synthesized sound form the original ffx. 
  •  Cut scenes and FMV will be enhanced with some "filter" of FFXIII engine — probably, it's some kind of AA-filtering and smoothing. 
  • Magic, special effects and lightning will be re-created using a new engine called "Luminous". 
  • Blitzball will be back and better than ever! FFX HD might include some online multiplayer blitzball!
  • Release Date — in 2012 fiscal year ( i.e. before 31 March, 2013 ). At the moment, we can only speculate about the release date, but it's possible that FFX HD will hit Japanese shelves mid 2012!. Actual release date highly depends on how long it will take to implement these new features! 
Its safe to say that production has started recently, and we might not see any screenshots anytime soon.
As always, I will keep you posted on all things Final Fantasy!